Debriefing. the Importance of Post Event

June 27, 2017

It is true that each event is unique, and in every event we learn something new, but there are always situations that happens again and again. For this, we should learn from our mistakes to avoid them happen again.

When we talk about┬ádebriefring┬áwe are taliking about the reflectionÔÇÖs┬á period once your┬áevent┬áhas finished. Just to get better for the future┬áevents.

This reflectionÔÇÖs task after┬áevent┬áis as impostant as the planification and production of the┬áevent. An┬áevent┬ádo not finish when the guests leave. It is necesary make a reflection.

One week after the event is when you have to do the reflection. It is important to know all the real costs. With this, we will have a clear and general vision of the event.

The appropriate is make an inform with all the conclusions of the event and, once is ready, share with all the people who make possible the event.

Depending on who we are going to share, we will highlight some points or another. We cannot make a general document for everyone, just because not all of them have participated in the same way.